Supporting scholarships as a force for change

How are donors supporting scholarships to accelerate the change they hope to see in the world?

Here, our data and resources tell the story of how philanthropy is supporting transformative scholarships to help guide funders in the practice of scholarship grantmaking.

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By the Numbers: 2006 - Present

  • grants supporting scholarships for change
  • of grant dollars support underrepresented populations
  • grant dollars supporting COVID-19 related scholarships
  • of grant dollars are awarded in the U.S. vs. outside the U.S
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Who is the Focus of Scholarships for Change?

  • "Scholarships for Change is a very useful tool to assess program impacts and scope, to help identify gaps and opportunities in scholarship programming offered, and also to help seek out experts working in a particular area."
    - Cate Lawrence, Research Officer, Universities Canada
  • “We ask our Scholars to think about how they will give back to society – much more deeply than working on a project, but how they will give back over a lifetime.”
    - Reeta Roy, President & CEO, Mastercard Foundation

Education in the Sustainable Development Goals

Photo: Nafise Motlaq / World Bank. Creative Commons

The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are made up of 17 aspirational goals that serve as a universal call to action, providing a collective framework to identify areas of common interest and measure shared progress. Within each goal are unique targets, and while Goal 4b within Education aligns with scholarships, several of the other Global Goals, such as gender equality and economic growth, can also overlap. See how your funding strategies align and how you might consider different ways to measure progress. Click on the Global Goal icons on the left to view the indicators within each goal.

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