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How much funding is going to Sub-Saharan Africa to support higher education?

You can use the map to search by location. Enter a country, state, or city and select from the drop-down to filter by location. In this case, start searching for Sub-Saharan Africa and select the option from the drop-down menu. You can also combine searches, so if you are looking for funding in the region targetted for higher education, go to "More Filters" and under the "Education Levels" panel, select "Higher Education". You'll see "Your Selections" appear at the bottom of the search menu so you know what search criteria are active.

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Who are the top funders supporting transformative scholarships?

Interested in learning more about the funders and grant details supporting scholars? On the left menu bar, switch from "Map" view to "List view". The list can sort by funder, recipient, or grants and will show you only those that match your search criteria. When looking at the list of funders, the default display will show funders listed in order of dollar value of grants awarded. If you are interested in top funders by number of grants, click on that criteria and the list will re-sort to show you top funders by number of grants awarded.

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What kinds of changes are funders trying to institute through scholarships?

Interested in searching for a specific change outcome? Go to the desired change filter and select the desired change you are interested in. You can combine criteria here too if you want to see grants for more than one criteria. The search will show you all grants tagged when both criterion have been attributed to a grant.

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