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April 1, 2018

Connecting for Success: Student Outcome Findings from Four Years of Implementation

Publishers: Hawaii Community Foundation, LFA Group: Learning for Action

Funder: Hawaii Community Foundation

Connecting for Success (CFS) is a four‐year initiative funded by the Hawaiʻi Community Foundation and 14 donor partners. It is currently in its fourth year. From 2013‐2016, 10 middle schools and five community partners served students identified to be at risk of very low levels of academic achievement. In the fourth year of the initiative, eight middle schools participated. CFS provides academic and enrichment supports, as well as interventions designed to improve attendance and behavior. Through increasing academic achievement and their connection to school, CFS programming is designed to make it more likely that participating youth will transition successfully to high school, stay on the path to graduate from high school, and ultimately succeed in college, career, and the community.