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November 1, 2018

Mapping the Landscape of Scholarships and Fellowships in Egypt

Author: Nayra Iijjeh

Publisher: Ford Foundation Middle East and North Africa Regional Office

The Ford Foundation's International Fellowship Program (IFP), launched in 2001, enabled hundreds of bright and ambitious young people around the globe to complete their graduate studies and become enterprising leaders of civil society organizations in their home countries. After the program came to an end in 2013, there was a growing gap between the number of Egyptian students who wished to complete their graduate studies abroad and the supply of fellowships that would make it possible for them to do so. Government-sponsored study abroad opportunities sought to address some of the disparities between supply and demand, but their impact was modest. Meanwhile, the burgeoning Egyptian philanthropy sector and private foundations sought to make a substantial difference, driven by their strong interest in developing the leadership capacity of young Egyptians. As a philanthropy with a long track record in Egypt, including many years of engaging with higher education there, the Ford Foundation saw this changing landscape as an opportune moment for reflection and analysis. This report, Mapping the Landscape: Scholarships and Fellowships in Egypt, is an effort to understand the main players and trends of funding programs for Egyptians today—with an eye to the future.